Međunarodni festival: 50 Poems for snow 2019/2020


Na prvi dan snijega, Trg Antuna Nemčića u 18 sati.

Pjesme čitaju: Sanja Benko, Josip Petrlić Pjer i Ingrid Potočnjak 

Festival 50 Poems for Snow održava se u Križevcima po prvi put.

Ovozimska izdanja 50 Poems for Snow posvećena su Dinosu Christanopoulosu.

Organizacija: Tea Hatadi / Gradski muzej Križevci



First day of snowfall, Antun Nemčić sq at 6 pm.

Poems will be read by: Sanja Benko, Josip Petrlić Pjer and Ingrid Potočnjak

50 Poems for Snow festival takes place in Križevci for the first time.

This winter’s editions of 50 Poems for Snow are dedicated to Dinos Christainopoulos.

The event is organized by: Tea Hatadi / Križevci City Museum


50 Poems for Snow is an international no-budget poetry festival taking place each year in a number of cities on the day of the first snowfall. The festival takes place at night and in the outdoors. Three poets perform few poems of their own, each of them adding one more by a classic author to whom the festival is dedicated that particular year.

The festival was founded in Zagreb in 2012 by Aleksandar Hut Kono and Saša Šimpraga. Since then and so far 50 Poems for Snow editions were held  in Belgrade, Colomiers, Čakovec, Delnice, Helsinki, Karlovac, Koprivnica, Maribor, Novi Sad, Osijek, Otočac, Prishtina, Prizren, Ravne na Koroškem, Sinj, Sisak, Sofia, Stockhlom, Toulouse, Vienna, Yerevan and Zagreb.

This winter, 50 Poems for Snow is taking place in more than 20 cities and 10 countries in Europe and North America. Current list of cities may be found here.


If interested in organizing local edition of 50 Poems for Snow in your city, please contact us. The details may be found here.


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